Automation/CM with Package Managers: Chocolatey and Homebrew

Every mobile device has a store app that installs, removes and updates software according to the user demand. Windows and MacOS have their store too for almost a decade. The idea of using a package manager is derived from Linux OS, dpkg almost 25 years ago, but the first one that I’ve used was apt in back in 2000. Apt was not just a installing the package request from the repository but more importantly took care of the dependencies, in short made my life extremely easier in when Open Source was spreading and becoming popular.

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Check if a mailbox exists with Python and smtplib

Every day we discover different tools that should make our life easier, enchanted by the promise of achieving the best result without any effort. If we can master that tool or technique we can solve many problems even without understanding or finding the root cause, right?

So often I’m guilty of making that assumption, because it not just lazyness it’s harder and it takes time and patience to break complicated puzzles into small simple pieces. Even more to put it all those parts back together to finally find answers to questions like: How? When? Why?

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TOP50 PowerShell blog of 2018

This is a brief message to thank you all for the positive feedback received.

I will do my best to write better content and choose interesting topics.

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Last but not least:

It’s my pleasure to announce that scripting library is now listed on the Top 50 PowerShell Blogs And Websites For Developers To Follow in 2018