How to Manage Log Files Retention with PowerShell

Every application offers some sort of logging feature and different ways to configure it.  It’s a cornerstone the software life-cycle from the moment the app is developed, tested, deployed, even more on a daily production usage and support.  One characteristic of the logging process is for how much time do I need to keep my log files, in three words the retention period.

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Automate AD Authentication Tests with PowerShell

A common method to investigate for Active Directory authentication issues is inspecting logs and event viewer, it’s simple and effective. But it’s a reactive thinking and it isn’t unusual for me to check if all user credentials provided were correct,  most of the time for a large number of users and that’s the reason why I wrote this simple (proactive) script to automate the testing process and the efficiency of an on-boarding process. It also works with local users, not just ActiveDirectory users.

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Duplicate Windows Servers: install Roles and Features with PowerShell

RSAT Tools are usually considered  system administrator’s best friend, offering access to servers directly from any workstation and SCCM for os/sw/updates deployments in enterprise and medium company is maybe even more!

When workloads increase or for testing purpose is a very common request to provision a server with the same specs of an existing one,  a fresh installed clone.

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