Secrets management with Azure Key Vault and Powershell

I’m writing this short blog post to fill a gap here on scripting library regarding the secret management topic after a comment received on this previous article.

I’m not opinionated when I need to choose a secret management solution, there are multiple options available and like anything else, it depends on your needs. What I find very appealing about Azure Key Vault is that offers a very simple user interface, all the features I generally need,  no upfront costs, and all the PowerShell cmd-let you need. Continue reading “Secrets management with Azure Key Vault and Powershell”

How to monitor a printer with Powershell

When it comes to monitoring, as much I like scripting languages, it is never my first choice to rely only on a ‘custom’ script. Considering how many variables are involved: requirements, environments, the overall experience of the team that will manage that piece of software, and all efforts to develop, test, and support the solution over time.

I prefer the implementation of any monitoring solution with basic out-of-the-box features and add on top some scripts if required to reduce the overall codebase to read/maintain. It is not only an early optimisation of a cost/benefit analysis, but it is derived from my professional experiences in different companies and a consideration of the balance needed between the business goal/expectation and the technical value offered by the suggested solution.

In this article you will find something totally different, I wanted to take the opportunity of helping somebody to solve a real case of a Virtual Printer that was causing issues to users and the ops team. The printer needed to be monitored with a living-off-the-land approach, so without adding any software solution but just a few scripts.

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How find the top 10 IP addresses accessing your IIS web server with a Bash script and WSL


The number of insights that are offered by any modern analytics platform is really invaluable and easy to use, but we tend to forget that even our server logs are an incredible source of information that with little or no effort we can query with a really simple script.

The idea of this article was from a request of analysing the IIS logs in real-time, but without changing the web application code or adding any javascript to google analytics (or similar platform), so my choice was using a bash script to analyse the logs.

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