Hello, Startup : book review

The main reason why I was interested in reading this book is because I saw a youtube video of the author talking at HashiConf’18, I saw that video nearly 2 years later and there were too many things that resonated with my experiences at the time. Yevgeniy Brikman is also the author of “Terraform Up and Running” by O’Reilly, and the founder of Gruntwork the company that created terratest and made it open-source.

I’ve never worked for a startup, but I think I have and had only some of the skills, mindset and knowledge and resilience necessary to work for one. The title “Hello, Startup” with the line “A programmer’s guide to building products, technologies, and teams” was too interesting so I bought it and read it as soon it arrived.

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How to upload files to Azure Blob Storage using Powershell via the REST API

When I need to upload files on Azure Blog Storage the tools that I generally use are Storage Explorer (installed on my workstation or the web version included in the portal) or AzCopy, but within a script, I would prefer using Azure RestAPI.
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