Powershell: Text To Speech in 3 lines of code

powershell-text-to-speech-in-3-lines-of-code (1)

There are times where small and simple things can have big impact for a larger audience, one example is implementing a Text To Speech function. Users want to interact with machines in a smarter and meaningful way, the biggest challenge is for developers and engineers to meet that expectation integrating those features in their solutions.

We always give for granted that notifications are visual and users are always staring in front of a monitor waiting for a pop-up window or a new line on the cli to check progress or output of a repetitive operation.
But I think that in many cases text to speech is a good way getting user attention or providing useful instructions. So let’s dive into..

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The Practice of System and Network Administration : Third Edition

Few months ago I’ve read so many positive reviews on this book that I’ve immediately purchased it.

I’ve always found quite difficult to describe my job and role to other colleagues or friends and sometimes unsure that really understand it properly.
It’s such a broad set of roles and responsibilities that can be implicitly assigned or summarised into one depending by the company, by the size of the team and experience that I prefer to generalise as much as I can and being funny/ironic about it.

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