Site Reliability Engineering

The moment I heard about this book, I wanted to read it. The title is self-explanatory: “How Google Runs Production Systems”. It looked so interesting to me that I immediately purchased it. At that time I had other books waiting in my bookshelf, but I was so impatient to read this one, that I admit I started immediately after the Phoenix Project. This one was the one that I absolutely wanted to read.

The contents in this book are well organised, chapter after chapter it’s easy to accept the challenges that an organisation of this size had to conquer to become successful in managing the infrastructure, processes and people.

The book gradually delved into the mindset necessary to appreciate what are the strategies implemented. I must admit that not all the chapters or the content were equally interesting to me, some part was more relevant and resonate with my approaches others where light-year distant from my world, but I don’t work in such environment and most of my conclusions were biased by my personal/professional experience.

I definitely recommend to any System Engineer, Developer or DevOps to read this book, there are a large number of ideas that work at any scale, so there are so many positive effects of starting to implement it.

Site Reliability Engineering

How Google Runs Production Systems

By Niall Murphy, Betsy Beyer, Chris Jones, Jennifer Petoff

Publisher: O’Reilly MediaRelease Date: April 2016Pages: 552

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