BaSH and NMap to list all devices connected to a guest wi-fi network

Monitoring your network resources and infrastructure effectively requires planning, knowledge of the metrics and experience of how to set up the threshold for warning and critical alarms and a lot of testing.

It’s very hard to focus on signals where there is too much noise.

Usually the tool you’re using doesn’t matter so much, what it’s really important what to implement more than how. And even if the configuration and the design are different we should be able to achieve similar results.

In this example I use a very popular tool such NMAP and with BaSH create a plain text report of a guest wi-fi network that sometime I want to generate.

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PowerShell Requires Statements

When we write code we make assumptions on the environment and the correct execution and most importantly obtaining the expecting result strictly depends on it.
I will not touch on software design or testing process, but just focus on an essential foundation that everyone should think to write better code and more efficient. Preventing to revisit code looking for answer the question of why is not working as expected.

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Audit Office Documents with Macros with Powershell

Every organisation sooner or later has to deal with Office documents with macros enabled. Risk assessment and auditing are the first steps when planning to disable them via group policy or just to mitigate risk implied.

The priority should target real usage and avoid any untrusted macro. In this article I will try to help to create a simple report where we can simply leverage powershell to find documents with macros enabled.

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Merge All Apache Httpd.Conf with Python

Apache is certainly the most popular web server around, it’s also open-source, multi-platform and serves more than 46% of the websites in the world.

Its success goes back to the mid-90s when Apache was created and the internet started to be used more widely and is evolved to the 2.4 version that we use today. Apache has a lot of features that make the tools valuable and useful.

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