PowerShell Learning and Security Features

Learning PowerShell is really a fast process where you can be productive in a matter of days or in a month of lunches as Don Jones and Jeffery Hicks said. But in my humble opinion, there aren’t much online resources that make you pay enough attention on how to run scripts and configure the environment properly in order to leverage all the technology features that Powershell and Windows environment is capable of.

So I’ve decided to add some articles to conquer this problem and help you on your journey, it’s an interesting subject for students and professional developers/it pros at any level of experience.

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Checking Your Patching History

The world is not perfect and it systems and software are no exceptions. Patches are always released for a reason and try to fix bugs and vulnerabilities.

To analyse the full stack of your hosts and devices I suggest to start with firmware of network devices, bios, drivers, os patches and application updates etc… There are many tools and solutions that can help you to scan your network or your system and gather useful informations in a centralised manner.

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