Installing Powershell Core

I want to celebrate the new Powershell Core edition by showing you how simple is installing it! 

Installing PowerShell Core on Windows

The first step is getting the installer from GitHub:  and choose the right one for your operating system, most probably an MSI installer for Windows (x64).

The latest version is 6.0.1 and has been released Jan 25th, 2018.  Use this link to always get the latest.

Second step. Once downloaded, (always) read the instructions provided.

Third step. Launch the installer, remember to run it as a local administrator.


We suggest you tick the checkbox “Launch PowerShell” so you can quickly check the result.

Installing PowerShell Core on Linux

The process of installing PowerShell core on Linux can be slightly different according to the Linux distribution that you’re using.

Let’s start from the release page: 

In this article we will show you the process for installing PowerShell Core on Centos 7.
Usually, I prefer to pack everything into a single bash script (“”) all the commands and dependencies:

Let’s run the script and see the result!

This the end result:

Happy PowerShell!

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