Powershell Vs Powershell Core

Finally, one month ago, Powershell Core became Generally Available (GA) and we would like you to show some of the differences between PowerShell and PowerShell Core and together understand why these are important and how it could possibly affect you work.

But let’s go back in time when PowerShell Core version 6.0 was first announced on August 18th, 2016. As you noticed the version number bigger than the 5 o was showing Microsoft intentions of moving PowerShell realm from a pure proprietary tool limited to Microsoft Windows Operating Systems into a real OpenSource and multi-platform technology.

First and foremost we encourage you to try it. Please have a look to our previous article on how to install powershell core on your operating system.

PowerShell and PowerShell Core can work side-by-side

This is very important for all your users.. You can safely deploy PowerShell Core and be sure that it will not break nothing on your system because this is not an in-place upgrade but a separate installer of a different tool using the same language, syntax and most of the same cmd-lets.

Different Distribution

PowerShell is included in your Windows OS and available just for Windows.
PowerShell Core source code and installers are available on GitHub for any OS.

Different Executable


PowerShell Core

Different .Net Runtime

Powershell is built on the top of .Net Framework.
Powershell Core is built on the top of .Net Core.

Different Icon

As you can see PowerShell and PowerShell Core have different icons, the darker one for PowerShell Core.

Different Logging

PowerShell uses the Windows Event Viewer> Windows application > Windows PowerShell.
Powershell core uses the native logging system for the OS.

Cmd-let comparison

If we compare the number of cmd-lets available between Powershell v5.1 and Powershell Core 6.0.1 there are more than 1500 cmdlet missing.

If we compare the cmdlets ofpowershell core on windows and powershell core on linux we can count more than 100 cmd-lets missing.

Powershell Core on Windows has still more commands (109 more than Linux)

These cmd-lets are available just for PowerShell Core on Windows.

Happy PowerShell!

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