Automating Document Conversion from Markdown with Pandoc

I’m gradually moving away from reStructuredText (RST) and I use more MarkDown(MD) to write generic documentation.  In fact, I found myself using md files more and more and I really like the approach of focusing on content and let the tool generate a well formatted document according to the type needed.

If MarkDown doesn’t need much introduction the tool I’m using to convert .md is called Pandoc.

Pandoc is a universal document converter and from an MD file can generate multiple output format. It’s  open-source and really simple to use.

With “Content-First” approach in mind I’ve decided to write a simple tool to automate the generation of multiple output format starting from a single markdown.

I wrote a batch file that I’ve linked on my desktop, whenever I need to export a MD in different format I just drag the markdown file over the batch script icon and it creates all the desired format.

This script is also available on github. I really hope you’ll find it useful. I’ll soon release a similar script in BaSH in case you’re using Mac or Linux.

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