How To Modify Your Proxy Settings with Powershell

Proxy servers are everywhere and used for more than one purpose. Frequently a bad configuration of a proxy server on the device can be the root cause of users navigation problems or negative experience, needless to say, that companies use group policies to manage proxy settings or transparent proxy in a router/firewall to avoid this problem.

But in general, a proxy server has a positive impact on the user experience and sometimes the user is not even aware of it. Continue reading “How To Modify Your Proxy Settings with Powershell”

Powershell, How to store your credentials

The first step working with automation and PowerShell is completing an authentication process against a remote server and providing the right credentials. In the previous article our aim was to raise the awareness of how SecureString can be used in a very unsafe way, now we simply would like to show you what to avoid and how to store your credentials.

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