How To Modify Your Proxy Settings with Powershell

Proxy servers are everywhere and used for more than one purpose. Frequently a bad configuration of a proxy server on the device can be the root cause of users navigation problems or negative experience, needless to say that companies use group policies to manage proxy settings or transparent proxy in a router/firewall to avoid this problem. In general a proxy server has positive impact on the user experience and the user is not even aware of it.

But from the user point-of-view setting a proxy server can be manual and boring process, in a MS Windows OS: open control panel, internet options, connection, lan settings, properties, enable the proxy and providing address and port of the proxy.

If you want to test different proxy and set them up frequently that manual process can be done via this simple Powershell script or even automated.

The feature offered by this script is that the connection to the proxy server and the TCP port is tested before applying any change to the windows registry for the current user internet option.

And setting a proxy for the current user can be that simple (taking the advantage of the alias):

Removing the proxy settings:

Get the proxy settings for the current user:


Every user can modify his proxy settings with the GUI or via this powershell function defined in my script, but does’t mean that a transparent proxy is already present at network level and not affect by any type of changes to the end user device configuration.

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