Apache Is A Swiss Army Knife

There are tools that are extremely useful and once configured properly will last a long time with little or no maintenance required at all. Web servers are a common example of tools that come to my mind that can be a swiss-army knife and serve a lot of purposes.

Whether you choose Apache, Nginx or IIS, just to pick some of the most famous ones, it’s very important to know at least most of the features that they offer. So it’s very important to get familiar with at least one of them, reading the documentation and start experimenting a bit.

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How To Modify Your Proxy Settings with Powershell

Proxy servers are everywhere and used for more than one purpose. Frequently a bad configuration of a proxy server on the device can be the root cause of users navigation problems or negative experience, needless to say, that companies use group policies to manage proxy settings or transparent proxy in a router/firewall to avoid this problem.

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