Merge All Apache Httpd.Conf with Python

Apache is certainly the most popular web server around, it’s also open-source, multi-platform and serves more than 46% of the websites in the world.

Its success goes back to the mid-90s when Apache was created and the internet started to be used more widely and is evolved to the 2.4 version that we use today. Apache has a lot of features that make the tools valuable and useful.

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First Steps with Python : Setting Up The Environment

Python is a beautiful programming language and the main key for its success is because is so easy to learn.  We strongly suggest to get familiar with Python choosing the approach that suit your pace of learning and programming such video-courses, books, tutorials, etc.

Programming it’s like any other technical ability that requires a lot of practice. You’ll need a very balanced mind set to master it like a martial art, where the best approach is keeping your enthusiasm and discipline at the same level and learn it day by day with a very simple and easy approach. Continue reading “First Steps with Python : Setting Up The Environment”