Merge All Apache Httpd.Conf with Python

Apache is certainly the most popular web server around, it’s also open-source, multi-platform and serves more than 46% of the websites in the world.

It’s success goes back to the mid-90s when Apache was created and internet started to be used more widely and is evolved to the 2.4 version that we use today. Apache has a lot of features that make the tools valuable and useful.

The correct configuration of Apache is key to it’s success, but can be not so straightforward when the configuration is divided into conf files and include statement, this tool is inspired and refactored from another developer that have the same idea Merging/Combine all httpd.conf files into one, to have the visibility of the configuration at run-time.

This is the end result, that you can also find on our GitHub repository:

Than if you need to read or redirect the output you can threat this script as any other typical linux command.

This is the result of the help (-h option).

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