The Practice of System and Network Administration : Third Edition

Few months ago I’ve read so many positive reviews on this book that I’ve immediately purchased it.

I’ve always found quite difficult to describe my job and role to other colleagues or friends and sometimes unsure that really understand it properly.
It’s such a broad set of roles and responsibilities that can be implicitly assigned or summarised into one depending by the company, by the size of the team and experience that I prefer to generalise as much as I can and being funny/ironic about it.

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Time Management for System Administrators

I truly believe that often I read books at the right time,  some of them resonate with me in many ways, helping me looking things with a different perspective or simply realise that I share so many experiences with the author that makes me feel really involved with the whole story.

Time Management for System Administrators is exactly this type of book, peculiar for the focus on applying time management to a specific role in IT with the right amount of fun and analytic approach.

It was written a few years ago, but 99% of the content is still applicable and relevant today.

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