Powershell: How to perform Ping Sweep and Reverse-Lookup on a private network


There is no such thing as the myth of a “perfect” green-field deployment. But in real life most of the times there is a just room/resources (e.g. time and money) for patches of green on a big brown-field.

What I really mean.. is that we can’t always keep up with the pace of new technologies and just re-design things from ground up following new trends without understanding or maintaining the legacy design or more importantly meeting the business needs.

Starting from the network and I like to create a basic network diagram will outline at glance things that could potentially limit infrastructure growth or expose it to potential risk that we need to mitigate. Designing , re-designing things well or better is based on getting the requirements right and verify that desired targets are met. To speed up this discovery process we use tools to gather the information we need. Continue reading “Powershell: How to perform Ping Sweep and Reverse-Lookup on a private network”

BaSH and NMap to list all devices connected to a guest wi-fi network

Monitoring your network resources and infrastructure effectively requires planning, knowledge of the metrics and experience of how to set up the threshold for warning and critical alarms and a lot of testing.

It’s very hard to focus on signals where there is too much noise.

Usually the tool you’re using doesn’t matter so much, what it’s really important what to implement more than how. And even if the configuration and the design are different we should be able to achieve similar results.

In this example I use a very popular tool such NMAP and with BaSH create a plain text report of a guest wi-fi network that sometime I want to generate.

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NMAP, PING vs Test-Connection, Test-NetConnection

When it comes to troubleshooting using simple tools it is very effective. The output of a simple test may infer that everything is working as expected, partially or in some other cases not working at all.

Consequently, this is generally also a fast way to identify where is the area that we need to focus our efforts or to validate the overall performances of our systems.

The most common tools that I use for network troubleshooting are:

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