How find the top 10 IP addresses accessing your IIS web server with a Bash script and WSL


The number of insights that are offered by any modern analytics platform is really invaluable and easy to use, but we tend to forget that even our server logs are an incredible source of information that with little or no effort we can query with a really simple script.

The idea of this article was from a request of analysing the IIS logs in real-time, but without changing the web application code or adding any javascript to google analytics (or similar platform), so my choice was using a bash script to analyse the logs.

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IIS and Powershell Automation


When designing web applications becomes extremely sophisticated, CI/CD is keeping accelerating and supporting and troubleshooting is every day more challenging and complex, talking about webservers seems completely old fashioned, Well… I don’t think so. Let me explain!

Web development, Networking, Security are still moving targets, but webservers are still a key component for the delivery of our content.

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How to Manage Log Files Retention with PowerShell

Every application offers some sort of logging functionality and different ways to configure it.  It’s a cornerstone of the software life-cycle from the moment the app is developed, tested, deployed, even more on a daily production usage and support.  One characteristic of the logging process is for how much time do I need to keep my log files, in three words the retention period.

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