Secrets management with Azure Key Vault and Powershell

I’m writing this short blog post to fill a gap here on scripting library regarding the secret management topic after a comment received on this previous article.

I’m not opinionated when I need to choose a secret management solution, there are multiple options available and like anything else, it depends on your needs. What I find very appealing about Azure Key Vault is that offers a very simple user interface, all the features I generally need,  no upfront costs, and all the PowerShell cmd-let you need. Continue reading “Secrets management with Azure Key Vault and Powershell”

Cloud Tools for Azure: Powershell, Azure CLI, Azure Cloud Shell


Everything should start with a SOLID plan, not just influenced by the enthusiasm of a successful PoC, briefly tested and blessed/approved by the management where the implementation challenges are hidden in plain sight!

I wanted to write this article since I’ve started, but I will try to keep this article to a technical level where you can enjoy the first experience and avoid bad ones. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed or lost into the number of services and the possibilities offered by cloud computing. Continue reading “Cloud Tools for Azure: Powershell, Azure CLI, Azure Cloud Shell”