Monitoring an Internet Connection using Python

When RaspberryPi 3+ first came out after playing with sensors and an Arduino Uno board for a while, I used it for monitoring wireless and internet connections in different premises. Thanks to the compact size and the low power needed it was the best tool.  I thought it would be interesting to know how consistent was the available bandwidth was during the day and eventually know if there were some unnoticed outages happening.

During these years I’ve used similar utilities, but I decided to write and share with you a simpler script that could be implemented quickly and help you to achieve similar results regardless that you run it inside a docker container, virtual machine or raspberry pi.

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How to show all known Wi-Fi network SSIDs and Passphrases with Powershell

I think is very important to remember how much information is stored on our laptops over the years, this is the case also for all wireless networks with (SSID and Passphrase) that our OS stores and use to connect automatically.

Retrieving this information can be performed either via the GUI or CLI, but I was never happy with the way the information was presented. Continue reading “How to show all known Wi-Fi network SSIDs and Passphrases with Powershell”