Automation/CM with Package Managers: Chocolatey and Homebrew

Every mobile device has a store app that installs, removes and updates software according to the user demand. Windows and MacOS have their store too for almost a decade. The idea of using a package manager is derived from Linux OS, dpkg almost 25 years ago, but the first one that I’ve used was apt in back in 2000. Apt was not just a installing the package request from the repository but more importantly took care of the dependencies, in short made my life extremely easier in when Open Source was spreading and becoming popular.

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PowerShell and Power Options

Systems Administrators love to use feature-rich tools to set up and manage their devices on the network with the desired configuration starting from Group Policy to MS ConfigMgr / System Center Configuration Manager(SCCM). These solutions are robust, complex and but they can be also very expensive to maintain and implement correctly in every scenario.

In this article, we will play with Power Options and with Powershell.

What PowerShell is bringing to the table is, first of all, being included in the OS (for free) and can be used either for simple or complex scenarios depending on your capabilities. This degree of the flexibility to check if everything is working as expected in few lines of code and even to correct issues quickly it depends on the software developer or system engineer that writes the code. Continue reading “PowerShell and Power Options”