Hyper-V and PowerShell

Virtual Machines are used everywhere and considered essential for a scalable resource management and faster to be provisioned compared to physical one.

MS Hyper-V services and servers can be managed via Hyper-V Manager or System Center VMM GUI and of course via PowerShell.  So let’s start with the basics with PowerShell cmdlets.


Get a list of just the VMs used for testing purpose.

Using Start-VM with the pipeline to start them in a one-liner script:

Perform or List ChecksPoints of the VMs with Checkpoint-VM and Get-VMCheckpoint cmdlets:

Can you imagine how simple can be  to start or stop even a large number or VMs with a single script? Or perform checkpoints, Measure, Migrate VMs… and then running when it’s needed or schedule the task to fully automate the whole process?

Hyper-V module



Speaking of Virtualization this post can’t be complete without VM Ware. PowerCLI is a command-line and scripting tool based on PowerShell and  automating management and configuration of VMware vSphere.



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