How to Export Third-Party Drivers with PowerShell

I’ve recently accepted a new role and joined a new company this week. During the first day, I’ve followed my usual practice of using chocolatey to install most of the developer’s tools I will use, installed WSL2, and I’ve created a full backup of the laptop.

Working in operations for most of my career and the improvements of package managers on Windows OS and WSL2, I can tweak the configuration with just the things that make me productive as on a Linux OS.

Exporting third-party drivers

As a useful step, I’ve also decided to export a copy of all drivers on another volume so if needed I can reinstall the previous version without visit the vendor’s website or restoring the OS from the backup.


Similar to automated backups, also this step could be automated or scheduled every month or quarter.

Useful Links

There are few scenarios where this can be useful, but I recommend starting from the official documentation for also other cmd-lets that are related:


In my personal opinion when it comes to provisioning the image of the system should contain everything that is essential. Everything else I like to add is on-demand with package managers (or configuration managers).  Once the provisioning is completed, to be more flexible and mitigate risks I will also have frequent (automated) backups and exporting third-party drivers or configurations. Knowing that every workstation that I used share the same resources or state thanks to cloud services.
As usual, you can find this script on my Github repository.

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