Time Management for System Administrators

I truly believe that often I read books at the right time,  some of them resonate with me in many ways, helping me looking things with a different perspective or simply realise that I share so many experiences with the author that makes me feel really involved with the whole story.

Time Management for System Administrators is exactly this type of book, peculiar for the focus on applying time management to a specific role in IT with the right amount of fun and analytic approach.

It was written a few years ago, but 99% of the content is still applicable and relevant today.

Systems Administrator are a very strange role in IT, very hard to describe and most of the time an easy target for being accountable of the whole infrastructure and for every decision they may or may not take.

If you add to the equation (cyber)security concerns, integrations between legacy systems and new technologies and processes with the pace and expectations of modern business models you’ll find that the system administrator is exactly in the middle. They are so lucky!

For any System Administrator, the risk of stress is very high, especially if he/she feels that part of his/her energies and time is wasted every day while the backlog constantly increases.

I wish I read this book earlier in my life! I learnt some ‘lessons’ contained in this book a few years ago when I was working with different companies or customers, thinking about it now and looking at my career, in general, it helps me to remember how I was and make me more proud of who I am now.

If you are a System Administrator too, I think that you’ll like this simple and effective book.

Time Management for System Administrators
Stop Working Late and Start Working Smart

By Thomas Limoncelli

Publisher: O’Reilly MediaRelease Date: February 2009http://shop.oreilly.com/product/9780596007836.do

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