The Practice of the Cloud System Administration – Book review

It all started with “Time Management for System Administrator” of Tom Limoncelli, then I’ve read “The Practice of System and Network administrator”. Then I read “The Practice of Cloud System administrator” which are chronologically ordered and marked as Volume 1 and Volume 2, which both were written by Limoncelli, Hogan, Chalup.

I’m also a musician and as an analogy, I think that good books are like good records. Good books pass the test of time and they inspire your way of thinking or approach to a specific subject. This book is for me an excellent record to put on the turntable when needed, even just to be inspired.

In this specific case,  I’ve recently picked up from my bookcase “The practice of the Cloud System Administration” after quite a long time after reading it more than 2 years ago because I’m working on a small presentation around the processes and skills required to work on Cloud and Distributed System administration tasks.

I went back to the table on contents and it’s so well organized that just from reading the chapter names, I’ve re-organised one part of my presentation because forced me to reflect on some of the aspects of my presentation that would be better to touch on first if you’re coming from a different field or area of IT.

It’s very hard to summarise the precious contents and the stories included in this book, for sure this is one of my favorite books where the authors are definitely experts in the fields are capable of transferring knowledge and a fraction of their extensive experience to the reader.

Writing books is hard, it requires storytelling and style to catch the attention of the reader. In these recent years my bookshelf of IT-related books it is growing a lot from IT certifications-related subjects to product knowledge or best practices, this book is still in my absolute top 10.



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