The DevOps Handbook: Book Review

The DevOps Handbook by Gene Kim, Jez Humble, Patrick Debois, and John Willis is probably the most popular DevOps book available today.

I read the first edition of this book a couple of years ago, but I didn’t write an article here, so I’m taking the opportunity for the recent second edition to publish my review and share my thoughts.

The second edition of this book was released only a couple of weeks ago and I decided instead of buying another copy of it to try the audiobook, and I’m glad I did. The content is 15+ hours, but it took me a little bit more than a week to complete it.

What attracted me to the second edition of this book was the addition of more case studies and there is also the contribution of a new author Nicole Forsgren, Ph.D.

There were parts of the book that remembered clearly and other parts where I’m glad I had the opportunity of reviewing and have new case studies and articles to get more in depth.

I am familiar with the subject, but references to articles or other books were and are still so important to me considering the continuous learning and case studies that showcase the benefits and results of implementing DevOps.

The book is brilliant.

Probably on the top of the book on DevOps I’ve read so far.

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